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‘Gojous’ is an intercultural collective based in Prague but spread abroad. As a studio, we want to experiment between the intersections of arts, crafts and architecture; connecting theory and practice with a focus on sustainability, reusing materials and a desire to open up possibilities for the realisation of individually unattainable ideas through mutual support. 

Since first experimenting with light installations under the name GOJO from 2015 onwards, the collective has been growing through diverse collaboration on projects like PRIAUM, (music-based events inviting artists between visual, performative and sound art); SUMMER SCHOOL MAYRES, (reviving the cross-border tradition of ‘Spiritual Experiment and Art in Practice’ in Southern Bohemia) or ASOCIACE PROSTORU, (‘environmental exhibitions’ showcasing places in Prague by integrating site-specific art works). 


We believe that what has allowed for the realisation of those projects is our close manner of collaboration; working in a collective based on friendship and being complementary to each other. Over the last five years, we have shared our daily lives together, supporting and inspiring each other through our overlapping fields of interests, while each of us is gaining experience, knowledge and skills in their own discipline. Imagining the studio as a focal point to widen the scope of our interdisciplinary connections, we see it as an essential next step to continue refining our ideas, whilst opening a pathway for future collaborations.

Gojous stands for a broad and ever-evolving group of people, therefore names of the creators are mentioned under every single project individually.


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