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‘Asociace Prostoru' (‘association space’) aims to transfer the way of perceiving art onto environmental experience by communicating this idea artistically and theoretically.

By displaying site specific interventions, the series of ‘exhibitions’ focusses on the ‘exhibited’ space or environment itself rather than showcasing art works in the common practice of exhibiting.

The installed works are engaging with their surroundings and underlining its properties in order to promote an experience of engagement with and in ones’s surroundings. Spatial awareness emerges by enhancing the perception of the environment though offering a perspective on it. 

Virtually mapped on site, an accompanying audio-essay accessible through QR codes connects theory, research and artistic interventions to the chosen location.

The project was founded by Isabell Alexandra Meldner, Nicolas Prokop, Hugo Chmelař and Noemi Liborová in 2020.  

As a possible adaptation to the current pandemic limitations, instead of a one-off event, visitors are advised to visit the place alone and ‘exhibition’ projects are announced online or pedestrians encounter it coincidentally. 

We propose an exhibition format which is only accessible by visiting the certain public place, however allowing for solely virtual, thus site-specific artworks to be embedded into the spatial context, by experiencing the work displayed through a smartphone. Over a certain time period, actual physical, site-specific art works and QR codes linking to virtual works as well as the audio-essay (in English and Czech) are placed in a chosen location in Prague, aiming to offer different, both artistic and research based perspectives on this specific place.

Now that the plein-air public space is all we have, it seems even more important to enhance the awareness towards the culture that is inherent to places and their architecture, but often forgotten in our everyday lives. With this project we aim to recover aesthetics and re-search places within the mundane world, accessible to everyone and overlooked by most.   














We are working on a research map, compiling the locations which we plan to work with in the future in order to continue the series of exhibitions as soon as possible. Currently our research is focused on the following locations: Folimanka Park, area around the fountain beneath Nusle Bridge (open call see below)Vystaviště HolešoviceKinského Sady (pond close to the church, which recently burned down), and two different areas on Rohanské Ostrov.

Our process starts with proposing interesting places and highlighting those on the research map. From those marked places, we pick one and visit the site together or alone. We all individually write down our first impressions, reflected experiences and build a foundational idea for the concept which is then developed through research on the site.

The research can take many different approaches depending on the space itself and focuses on its most significant properties. Within the collective of participating artists and writers, the conceptual direction is chosen and during the research phase a rather open exhibition concept is developed, which is then passed on to others or published as an open call online and on-site.

Every artist develops his/her own work and shares its concept with the others, so their perspectives can be taken into account for the theoretical layer before the works are realized. Aside from the theoretical layer, the non-virtual part is mainly created on site within a few days before the exhibition.



Screen Shot 2021-01-08 at 10.12.45.png




Situated between the city walls down in the valley, Folimanka Park nowadays lies underneath the Nusle Bridge, finished in 1973 connecting Vyšehrad and Nové město. For centuries, the valley was used as a vineyard and it became a popular destination for day trips into nature until the 1930’s, when Nusle became a residential neighbourhood.


The exhibition project focuses on the area around the fountain in Folimanka, seeing it as an empty place within a scenery of heterogeneous layers and aims to layer different approaches to site-specificity analogue to a diversities of aesthetical tropes to engage with. 

Due to the current pandemic, the date of the realisation is not certain yet and to be discussed within the group of participants. If you are interested in collaboration on this project, please get in contact ( with either an idea, a concept or simply a question. 



More info you can find

in the PDF to download 

in Englisch or Czech. 




collage bw.jpg

We are happy to announce, that our project proposal was selected by Umění pro město for `Galerie Vltavská` to be realised at Vltavská metro station on display from 1.7.-25.9.2021. 


Through the practice of scientific and artistic research, our project is aimed at creating an archive, showcasing a place that is supposed to vanish soon. Covering a range of topics - each realised by a duo with relevant practice - the project is based on observations, research, and interviews with a diversity of contemporary witnesses to Vltavská’s changing landscape. Through this site-specific concept, a collection of perspectives on Vltavská’s past, present and future emerge as stories are told through the place to be explored by visitors.


The ‘exhibition’ consists of a visual and auditory part; displayed as five posters with connected audio walks, each researching five site specific, partially overlapping topics: (1) architecture, urbanism, infrastructure; (2) social communities, (3) myths, cultural history, (4) aesthetics, art works and (5) atmospheres/associations. Each poster displays the visual research material in an artistic production, while functioning as a title page and advertisement for the interconnected audio walk. Each 10-20 minute audio walk offers several perspectives on Vltavská’s which are immaterially mapped across the site.

Through scanning a QR code in the poster graphic with one's smartphone, the visitor starts the audio tour, whose narration guides them through the site and offers informative viewpoints in varying styles. This narration is complemented by interview collages, overlayering Vltavská’s auditive scenes, its natural soundscape and melodies played by a harmonica player often encountered on site. Different short stories emerge as chapters of a ‘book’ on Vltavská and the hidden stories it tells, made accessible through the ‘exhibition’. 


Through this corona-friendly format we aim to offer an experience promoting the viewer’s active engagement with Vltavská in order to enhance the awareness towards this controversial place. Without changing the site’s appearance drastically we want to showcase Vltavská itself.





Self-curated, collectively conceptualised ‘environmental exhibition’ of Vítkov Hill, integrating works by Nicolas Prokop, Hugo Chmelař, Stefanie Hollerbach, Jack Laing Aiken, Isabell Alexandra Meldner and an essay written by Noemi Liborová. 

Originally the project was planned to be realised on the 15.10.2020, but had to be postponed due to covid-19 related circumstances.





POSTER cibulka exhibtiion .jpg

Self-curated, collectively conceptualised ‘environmental exhibition’ of ‘Cibulka' park, integrating works by Nicolas Prokop, Hugo Chmelař, Vojtěch Hlávaček, Isabell Alexandra M. and an essay written by Noemi Liborová.


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