‘ASOCIACE PROSTORU' (‘association space’) aims to transfer the way of perceiving art onto environmental experience by communicating this idea artistically and theoretically. The series of exhibitions further tries to draw attention to rather unknown places, of which some might disappear from the map of Prague.


By displaying site specific interventions, the series of ‘exhibitions’ focusses on the ‘exhibited’ space or environment itself rather than showcasing art works in the common practice of exhibiting.

The installed works are engaging with their surroundings and underlining its properties in order to promote an experience of engagement with and in ones’s surroundings. Spatial awareness emerges by enhancing the perception of the environment though offering a perspective on it. 


Depending on the chosen environment, different questions related to topics of environmental aesthetics or public space and its memory are raised in an accompanying essay, critically reflecting on the environment in interaction with the integrated works.













at Vitkov Hill, Prague 



We are currently working on a research map, compiling the locations which we plan to work with in the future in order to continue the series of exhibitions from spring onwards in 2021. We hope for this map to continuously evolve through the ideas and contributions of participating artists.



Our process starts with proposing interesting places and highlighting those on the research map. From those marked places, we pick one and visit the site together or alone. We all individually write down our first impressions, reflected experiences and build a foundational idea for the concept which is then developed through research on the site.


The research can take many different approaches depending on the space itself and focuses on its most significant properties. Within the collective of participating artists and writers, the conceptual direction is chosen and during the research phase a rather open exhibition concept is developed, which is then passed on to others or published as an open call.


Every artist develops his/her own work and shares its concept with the others, so their perspectives can be taken into account for the theoretical layer before the works are realized. Aside from the theoretical layer, the non-virtual part is mainly created on site within a few days before the exhibition.


‘NATURE, NATURE, LET ME SEE, SOMETIMES YOUR TREES JUST HYPNOTIZE ME’ is a self-curated, collectively conceptualised ‘environmental exhibition’ of ‘Cibulka' park,integrating works by Nicolas Prokop, Hugo Chmelař, Vojtěch Hlávaček, Isabell Alexandra M. and an essay written by Noemi Liborová.


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