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16.03.2019     FUCHS2


Downstairs in the club Fuchs2, we prepared the richest programme so far. The evening began with a theatrical piece about the post-soviet disasters Cerusaska performed by Maria Komarova, Svetlana Silic and Anna Romanova also known as PYL.


Afterwards the musical essence of the party continued with a live act by Gleb P [bl] and the DJs - Motch [cz], Schaumstoff [de] and Janko Báči [cz].

For the peak of the evening, Jack Laing Aiken and Jan Vagaday prepared an interactive performance together with Jonathan Kilefors - the Paul & Ben’s Radioshow.


The space served this time also as a gallery exhibiting works of Sofie Tobiášová and Masha Kovtun.






graphic by Nicolas Prokop

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