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'SPIRITUAL EXPERIMENT  AND ART IN PRACTICE'           23.8 - 1.9. 2019


Led by the experienced artists, along with a broader team of young creatives, everyone lived and worked alongside one another, dropping off one’s own identity and cultural background as an experiential experiment of a temporary tribe. Induced by the collectively created scenario and the gradual chipping away of day-to-day life, everyone was able to indulge in the neo-tribal experience, isolating the human component of themselves as individuals, coming closer to a common ’culture’.

The 2019 edition of the summer school was the first of its kind since 2006. For ten days, workshops, lectures, excursions to nearby Slavonice and Museum Humanum in Fratres, and an evening program were offered in order to support participants in realising their ideas and creating a shared mindset in the communal living.



painting           Gisela Prokop-Maczky with Nima Emami and Ana Pireva   

sculpture           Martin Ceplecha with Nicolas Prokop and Jan Vagaday

textile                Zuzana Krajčovičová with Alesya Yakubouskaya and Františka Malasková

photography        Gabriela Fárová with Lukas Maar and Jack Laing Aiken

ceramics              Romana Krejčí with Julian Boháč



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participants & map

 CEREMONIAL WALK                 

The final outcome of the summer school resembled a ceremonial walk. Starting out from a small exhibition in the barn, where most workshops took place, then guiding the visitors through Maříž and its surroundings.

Everyone was asked to create their own site specific installation and possibly a costume, coming together as a small performance of the emerged character, partially based on one’s own archetypal characteristics. The ceremonial walk connected all of the stations shown on on the map above.

ceremonial walk