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ARTIST RESIDENCY IN MAŘÍŽ (17. -28.08.2020) 

Our primal motivation for this summer is settling down in Maříž for two weeks in the form of an artistic residency. We perceive this residency as a possibility to follow up on the experiment we created in Summer 2019 and develop our collective work through mutual learning from each other. We find it particularly interesting to work with the motive of the “Social sculpture” as formulated by Joseph Beuys. It is a way of confronting ourselves with the condition of the environment through the very human scale considering that those "conditions can only change out of human creativity" (J. Beuys). The subject of such a work is the process of the social interaction among ourselves and with the residents - the previous generation. 

The symposium 'THE NEXT GENERATION - YOUNG ARTIST FROM EITHER SIDE'  and exhibition are initiated by Kulturbrücke e.V. as a try to present the next generation of artists from the nearby border surroundings of Fratres and Slavonice, connecting Czech and Austrian culture. 

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Taking the ‘social sculpture’ as a method, the outcome of this experiment lies in its collective process and we will bring it from Maříž to Fratres where it continues. In the form of a happening, we will perform and adopt a stance as the new generation of the Czech-Austrian cross-border cooperation. The happening would resemble a re-enactment of the collective process during the residency including installation elements which we created as artefacts and its scenery. As the current situation is creating borders again, the outcome could possibly concern this as a topic, depending on how the situation develops until summer.


In the current situation, the borders have been closed for the first time since Czechs entered the Schengen area in 2008. But closing its borders like this towards Austria and Germany could partly remind us of the condition during the Iron curtain - splitting Europe in two. We should take a position in this situation and prove the importance of the free movement across both German and Austrian borders - especially when our Fratres - Maříž cooperation is based on this freedom. Here we can understand the borders as the ‘social sculpture’.


Františka Malasková, (stage design, Prague)Gabriela Sojková (fine arts, Prague/Amsterdam),

Isabell Alexandra Meldner (fine arts, Prague/Dresden)Jack Laing Aiken (fine arts, Malmö),

Jan Vagaday (architecture, Prague)Julian Boháč (film production, Prague/Písek)

Lukas Maar (media art & photography, Leipzig), Nicolas Prokop (sculpture, Prague)

Nima Emami (fine arts, Dresden)Philip Chemayel (filmmaking & media studies, Prague/Amsterdam)